Not the easiest of shots, the wind was gusting over 30mph right to left and the incoming wash traveled the whole distance of these cobbles with each wave.


Ive tried to shoot this location at Langney Point in Eastbourne on the UK's south coast a few times, it need the right combination of tide and a rough sea, but not to the extent that I risked being swept away, or that the camera shook too much in the wind, Saturdays conditions were quite favourable. 

Another from that day! 

Behind the scenes. 

And for those who are interested , here's a little behind the scenes shot. 

Band shoot with indie/rock band "Igloo"

So I spent last Saturday with a new indie/rock band from Brighton, Igloo, to shoot some promo shots for their website, flyers, demo's etc.

The ideas for the shots were left open, they wanted to include some long exposure work, so that was fun, and Brighton is such a great location for just walking and shooting, they're a nice bunch of guys and I wish them good luck in the future.

Here's a gallery of what we made, if you want to find out more about Igloo you can link them at the bottom of this page.