My love of photography started in March 1982 when I purchased my first camera, a Pentax M E Super, 35mm  film camera and assorted lenses.

In May 1995 I move to Cannon and purchase an EOS5, and later that year enroll in a city & guilds photography course at Brighton Polytechnic of Art & Design, working with film, covering everything from studio lighting to developing, printing and darkroom technique.

In August 1996 I pass with distinction. December 2006 my gear of choice changes to Nikon starting with the D80, then in December 2009 upgrading to the D300s.

I’d guess 95% of the images I make are monochrome, however favouring black & white as my main medium was not a conscious decision I made, but one I seemed to have gravitated towards since my days of working with film.

I feel black & white tends not to distract from the context of the scene and allows me to focus and give attention to the composition, lighting, and perspective of the image.

Another area of photography I’m passionate about is long exposures, using shutter speeds of 60 seconds or more by means of neutral density filters. Resulting in something surreal and Zen like, frozen silky waters and distorted clouds captured in one very long exposure. The final image being one that is both real but manipulated, moments in time combined, but not photo shopped.

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