Monovisions Interview

So Sebastian Markis editor of the online black & white photography magazine Monovisions contacted me to do an interview for his publication, quote:"We admire your work and we think it fits perfectly with essence of our publication." - your dam right flattery's gonna get you everywhere!

Mono vision is a great publication, full of inspiration from long past to up and coming photographers, as their byline states "Your everyday source of b&w inspirations", so I really do suggest you bookmark this one and use it to top up your creative juices, may your mojo bottle never be empty!

Here's the link, enjoy .......

ND Magazine

Got invited to post to ND Magazine, not only is it a another place to share online it's also got some interesting articles and interviews. 

I particularly like the layout, very simple  and easy to use, they seem to be having something of a growth spurt at the moment with new content being added daily, along with the familiar names you find on Flickr, G+, 500px etc there are also some big hitters, with the likes of Levin, Lange, Brandt etc included in the mix, which I like.

Free (donations accepted) and well worth a look me thinks!

Amateur Photography Magazine

February 2011 issue Amateur Photography Magazine 

I submitted some pic’s to Amateur Photographer and they’ve kindly included them in their February 5th issue. To be honest I didn’t realise they were going to give me three pages – well chuffed!