Two Mills Together But Separated By Over 270 Years

I took a trip out to Glynde in Sussex, UK this weekend to shoot Glyndebourne Opera’s Enercon wind turbine.

Commissioned on 3rd December 2011 and officially opened by no less than sir David Attenborough on January 20th 2012, at a height of 70M overall with a rotor diameter of 52M and tower some 44M high, it dwarfs the old mill remains in the same field.

Glyndebourne hopes this will deliver up to 90% of their annual electricity requirements thus reducing their carbon footprint, I just think it makes a good photo.

The structure in the foreground is the centre post of the old Ringmer windmill that stood here in Mill Plain from 1740, it remained in working use until 1921. Four years later it collapsed with only the trestle timbers still standing until in 1964 when they to where blown down by a storm. In 1968 the centre post was re-erected.

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